The Filter Story

We are a company that specializes in digital content and the people who create it. This is our story.

Why We Do It

Today everyone is a content creator, including consumers and brands. It's a tremendous opportunity. With an active presence in the mix, brands can offer up meaningful content that generates results in return.

We recognize that the best digital talent does not make for easy recruitment which is why leading brands rely on us for the strategy and staffing needed to succeed in today’s digital ecosystem.

How We Do It

Our people is "how" we do it. With a combination of people, processes, and platforms, we put exceptional content onto an array of screens for a full range of audiences.

Our powerful network of digital specialists—built through deep relationships with our talent managers and project managers—have met the increasing demand for content for many years.

What We Do

Our talent managers invest in our candidates—matching their individual skill sets, aspirations, and work style with a job that helps further their career and hone their skills.

For our clients, we run content operations like a newsroom. Together we can produce, manage, and publish high-volume content that builds an audience and generates returns. We get it done by pairing time-tested content strategies with creative talent that scales on demand.