Managed Teams by Filter

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Consider our Managed Teams an extension of your team - ready to address marketing operations challenges with seamless and precise execution. 

Experts in people, process and platforms.

A Managed Team is a custom team of digital specialists designed to support all facets of creative and marketing operations. Our Managed Teams specialize in the following services: 

content creation & acquisition

Sourcing or creating content in alignment with editorial and brand strategy. See our work with MSN.

content publishing/authoring

Production and authoring of content to the web.

Digital asset management

Consistent management and execution of the processes and tasks necessary to organize, store & retrieve digital assets. See our work with HTC.


With over two decades of placing creative talent with top global brands, we’ve developed this Managed Team approach which can be an ideal solution for challenges that require a unique combination of people, process and platforms.  Here are a few examples where a Managed Team can be the right solution:

  • Decoupling a company’s agency from tactical work so that they can focus on forward-thinking strategy
  • Removing routine production tasks from internal resources so that they can focus on strategy, growth, and innovation
  • Alleviating backlog of digital production work so that internal teams can meet upcoming deadlines
  • Desire to maximize ROI and process efficiencies of current marketing operations platforms
Engaging with this team is a simple and low-risk process which includes the following benefits:

  • Employed & managed by Filter including: all HR responsibilities, workspace, training, and equipment
  • Quick ramp-up and seamless integration with client team
  • Latest platform & technology expertise
  • Experience with proven processes and workflows
  • Scalable & reliable
  • Proven ROI

Hear from Anna Gregory, Microsoft's Principal Voice Strategist on how she has partnered with Filter for creative staffing and managed teams.

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